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Registration Information

Registration Information

 Registration in our Parish is a key component in the Welcoming Process of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish.  We ask people who want to join our Parish to:

  • Worship with us
  • Meet with the Pastor
  • Become active members in our Parish, sharing in the Prayer, Learning, Stewardship and Evangelization efforts of Holy Rosary Church.

You can complete the New Parishioner Registration Form online: http://www.hrosarykenosha.org/New-Parishioner

You can also download the form and return it to Darlene Cleveland via email (dcleveland@hrosarykenosha.org) or drop it off at the Parish Offices during business hours (Monday-Friday 9:00 am-2:30 pm).

Our pastor, Fr. Bill Hayward, M.I.C., personally meets with those interested in joining our parish to share what Holy Rosary has to offer as well as to share your experience as a member of a parish. To set up an interview, please complete the registration form or contact Fr. Bill Hayward directly at frbill30@hrosarykenosha.org