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Baptism Registration

"Praise God from whom All Blessings Flow!"

Among these great blessings is the gift of Baptism;  it cleanses us from sin, empowers us with grace, brings the supernatural gifts of Faith, Hope and Love in our lives, and brings us into the life of the Church. 

For Adults and Children above catechetical age (7 years and above):

  • connect with practicing Roman Catholics in your life
  • meet with Fr. Michael Callea, MIC, Fr. Joseph Lappe, MIC or Deacon Dan Burmeister by calling 262-652-2771 to schedule a welcome interview and review of the process.

For Infants and Children under catechetical age (below 7 years):

  • begin attending Sunday Mass if you are not already
  • if as parents you have not attended a Baptism Preparation Class, please consult the Parish Calendar and plan to attend. 
  • fill out the Baptismal Registration Form and send it to our Parish Office:  [email protected]
  • please do not schedule your child's Baptism until we secure the date. 

Baptismal Registration Form

  • For your convenience, there are several options for completing the Baptismal Registration Form. You can download a PDF or Word Document form, complete it, and return it in person or via email to the Parish Office. You can also complete the online form. Please remember to wait for the Parish Office to confirm the date of the Baptism.