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Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council

Visions the future for Holy Rosary Church.  Nine elected members serve with three ex-officio members of the Council. 

Ex-Officio Members:

Reverend Joseph Lappe, M. I.C., Administrator

Mr. Dominic Lenci, Trustee

Ms. JoEllyn Storz, Trustee


Elected Pastoral Council Members:                         

   Joseph QuimetMr. Joseph Ouimet

 Mr. Daniel Istvanek

   Mr. Robert Mendoza

  Ms. Karen Kaiser

Mrs. Emily Selovich (Not Pictured)

Mrs. Gina Davis (Not Pictured)

Tom Herricks (Not Pictured)

Tina Richie (Not Pictured)

Laura Burnett-Shoemaker (Not Pictured)